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About Cypress Wrestling Club

Established in 2017, Cypress Wrestling Club specializes in co-ed folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling. At Cypress, athletes have the opportunity to work with numerous highly qualified coaches who understand that winning medals is not the ultimate goal of this sport. Instead, our coaches focus on instilling healthy habits, building resilient mindsets, and encouraging outstanding character in each and every athlete both on and off the mat. Through working hard and persevering together, our Gladiators inevitably form bonds of friendship that far transcend the idea of a sports team. Instead, our Gladiators become family.

Fundamental Skills

All classes focus on developing and honing fundamental skills while also introducing a variety of effective techniques. "Drillers are killers." And so, our Gladiators drill moves continuously so that they become second nature when put into tournament experiences. Coaches provide specific instruction to large group settings and then allow time for athletes to practice the skills appropriately. For many classes, stance, positions, moves, and improved mind/body coordination are a primary focus.


Live Situations

Wrestlers are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge to live wrestling situations all while being monitored and encouraged by highly skilled coaches. These opportunities allow all levels of athletes to prepare for competitive scenarios.


Game-Based Conditioning

One of our primary goals is simply to instill a love of the sport within all of our athletes. As such, our coaches utilize a variety of fun, game-based activities that either strategically target useful wrestling skills or simply provide necessary conditioning for our athletes. The kids have a blast, and they don't even realize they are still working hard to become a stronger athlete!

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